Window on an inner world

Version 8.0 : Meringue

An ode to beauty, in its most natural form. A symbiosis between animal, vegetal and mineral beings. An hommage to cycles, the Sun and the Moon, the life and its lessons, everything always being beginnings, endings and starting over.

An important place for imagination. A story told in each image, characters with a complex past, mystical locations. Heavy silent, eternal stillness, a second fixed for always on the support.

A mix of media : pencils, watercolor, markers, digital manipulations,… Superposition of colors, layers over layers, to obtain vibrant images. Constant seek of perfection.

Michèle Delisle

Web languages typer, sundays photographer, virtual chatter, knitter, human and vegetal architectures lover, hippy-geek-natural-urban-pagan-rock’n’roll-eco, bookworm, part-time insomniac, full-time dreamer, loves green color, rainy days, contradictions and chai tea.

This website is a proof that adults should never tell a stubborn child she can’t draw. (I won’t thank you.)